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Knowbody Cleaning are one of China's leading sponge mop suppliers and also sponge mop products OEM. Our sponge mop product quality has passed international certification and the price is affordable. Welcome to call to order our products wholesale.

What is a sponge mop? The spray mop has a cushioned sponge grip, a 360-degree rotating head, a magic sticky cloth, and a light and strong local gold mop rod.


The spray mop is comfortable to hold, and mopping the floor at an angle of forty-five degrees is the most comfortable angle.


With the spray mop, there is no need to carry a bucket anymore, because the spray mop can spray fan-shaped water mist in front of the mop, which is more convenient.


The spray mop is also very convenient to clean, just use this multi-functional scraper. The multifunctional scraper is easy to take, and the serrated edge can be used to decontaminate, so that the mop is clean and spotless. But the mop is too wet, it doesn't matter, you can "scrape" the mop with a horizontal edge.


There is a raised area on the front part of the multifunctional scraper, which is a small shovel head cleaning tool such as chewing gum. If there are things that cannot be removed by the mop, you can use the TPR soft brush head on the back of the scraper to assist in cleaning.


Of course, the mop of the spray mop is also extraordinary. The upper hair is made of mixed carbon fiber hook type yarn. Ordinary mops use sweeping and suction. After the mopping, 34% of the bacteria are left, while the spray mops use sweeping and humidifying mops. After the mopping, only 12% of the bacteria are left.


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