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New mop hand wash free twist mop new lazy mop

New mop hand wash free twist mop new lazy mop

1.Size :

Please consult the seller for expansion length and splint size

2.Design advantages:

Extended handle and lightweight design; Super absorbent; High quality Microfiber Pads, deep-cleaning microfiber removes and absorbs tough dirt and grime.

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  Product name   Hand wash free flat mop   Product Categories   Twist Mop
  Material   Plastic   Net weight   About 550g
  Size   Consult the seller   Executive standard   Q/Y01-2018
  Dust push type   Cloth sleeve type   Mop material   Stainless steel
  Service life   longer   Corrosion resistance   Level 1.0-1.9
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What is magic mop? Twist mop, it sweeps the floor twice with half the effort. This mop is from Knowbody Cleaning products, the sweeping effect is great! Twist mop is easier to pick up the garbage on the floor,



1. No scratches left after scratching

There are often some flowing stains on the ground, and the ground that is swept by some brooms gets more and more dirty, which is unbearable. But this beautiful mop can easily wipe without leaving any traces, and the floor swept by it is clean!


2. Hair is not tangled

Are you still annoyed by the hair tangling with the broom? If you have a lot of hair at home and you want to choose a broom that won't catch hair, then choose Knowbody Cleaning products magic broom. This broom does not let these hairs get entangled on itself while cleaning the hair, and the cleaning effect is also very good.


3. Sweep ash without leakage

Before encountering the Knowbody Cleaning products magic broom, our family actually used other brooms, but the experience of using them is very general. Some brooms have relatively sparse hairs, resulting in dust leakage when sweeping the floor, and the cleaning effect is very general. , But Knowbody Cleaning products magic broom does not exist at all. This broom has a very good cleaning effect. It can sweep all kinds of fine dust cleanly without any dust leakage.


All in all, the performance of Knowbody Cleaning products magic broom in all aspects is very good. Use it to clean up the dirt. It can really do twice the result with half the effort. If you are also buying a household broom and are entangled, you can consider it. This one.


China twist Mop manufacturer


Knowbody Cleaning products is a professional design, development, and production of cleaning mop manufacturers, mop, Broom Factory. The products are of good quality and low price. They have been exported to dozens of countries and regions. You are welcome to email us.


Wholesale twist Mop, choose Knowbody Cleaning products, a professional twist Mop manufacturer, sincerely recruit agents from all over the world, welcome new and old customers to contact us.


China twist Mop manufacturer, supplier, factory


China Knowbody Cleaning is a professional twist Mop supplier, manufacturer, distributors and agents are welcome to wholesale Twist Mop from our factory.

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1. Super soft material, no scratch

Super soft and super absorbent microfiber cleaning cloth can clean the fine dust invisible to the naked eye. It can ensure that the dirt on your floor is removed and will never come back. Significantly reduce water use and clean more effectively.


2. Wet or dry use:

It is very suitable for cleaning families, kitchens, bathrooms, offices and corners. Use wet for deep cleaning or dry for dedusting floors, ceilings, windows and other surfaces.


3. Microfiber mop pad:

Deep cleaning cloth can remove and absorb dirt and dirt.


4. Reusable and durable

These microfiber towels use high-quality stitches and reinforced edges to prevent unraveling. They are durable and have been washed hundreds of times. They are light, absorbent and dry quickly. Use them every day to enjoy your cleaning.


5. We guarantee your satisfaction:

1-year warranty and 30 day problem free return policy. We want you to shop easily, so we eliminate your risk!


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  1: Is your company a manufacturer or a trading company?

  All of them. We are a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of household cleaning products.288 Shangguan Road, Linhai City,

  Zhejiang Province, China. We are a trading company selling cleaning and laundry product.


  2: How can I get one or more samples?

  1> Apply for express account, such as FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS, etc., so that samples can be paid on delivery.


  3: What's your minimum order?

  A: Our products are delivered in full containers. It is acceptable that all kinds of products meet the minimum order quantity.


  4: What about the delivery date?

  After we confirm all the production details with our customers, the normal delivery time is 35 to 45 days.


  5: What are your terms of payment and delivery?

  Payment method: telegraphic transfer. 30% as down payment before manufacture and 70% as balance before delivery.

  Delivery: FOB Ningbo is recommended for all buyers. If the quantity is large, our entity is also close to Shanghai port.

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