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microfiber mop

microfiber mop supplier
microfiber mop supplier
microfiber mop supplier
microfiber mop supplier

Microfiber car duster-multipurpose car duster

1.Features:Microfiber bristle prefect for exterior and interior without scratching. it owns strong adsorption force and can easily remove dust. no hair loss, no debris, light and durable, beautiful and delicate.

2.Multifunction:Our cleaning kit can not only be used for cars, home and office is also perfectly recommended to remove dus t. all applicable - best duster for car, auto, suv, rv, motorcycle, bike, boats, truck or home use on windows, shelves, countertops, closets, mirrors, bathrooms, bedrooms & kitchens, etc.

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Product number: BG-15
Material: YARN+PP+EVA Size:
Color: COLOR AS PIC Weight:
Package: 1PC/TIE CARD Qty./ctn: 12
Ctn meas: 68*35*29CM Cbm: 0.069
Tt ctn 1*40hq:
985 Tt qty 1*40hq(unit):
Total volume:


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  What is microfiber mop? Reusable Microfiber Floor Mop Pads-Comes with 4 cost-saving reusable mop pads that are easy to remove and put on. The excellent microfiber material has high water absorption and can attract and attract dust and dirt on the floor like a magnet. The microfiber mop pad can be washed and reused without wringing it out. When a person is washing, you can always have a spare. Comes with a decontamination scrubber to help you easily remove dirt on the mat.


  Microfiber mop


  The PP+Chenille dusters for cleaning are one of the most contaminated appliances.


  If you do not pay attention to cleaning, the PP+Chenille dusters for cleaning will become a breeding ground for some microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, after use, we must definitely clean it and place it in a ventilated place to avoid odor.


  Microfiber mop supplier


  KNOWBODY is a professional cleaning mop manufacturers, broom factory for cleaning products. Complete specifications and high quality. We are committed to treating customers with integrity and quality, thus winning a group of loyal customers.


  Our products are exported to dozens of countries and regions. Welcome to choose us - a professional microfiber mop supplier, broom factory for cleaning products. 

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  1. High efficiency dust collector

  Electrostatic precipitators attract dust like magnets. The head can even be shaped into the outline of hard to reach objects, including hanging furniture. Perfect tools to reach heights, get rid of cobwebs, eliminate dust, or just light the top of furniture you'll never reach.


  2. Flexible superfine fiber fan dust collector

  The flexible rod is bent and kept in any position to optimize the contact area with the dust removal surface; Chenille microfiber can absorb dust to the maximum extent; Detachable microfiber cloth, easy to clean; By hand or attached to the telescopic rod.


  3. Electrostatic cobweb and angle precipitator

  Using static electricity to attract and keep dust and cobweb; Dome shape is easy to adapt to corners and cracks; Rinse with water; By hand or attached to the telescopic rod.


  4. Microfiber dust collector

  Actively attract and attack dust and dirt; Grip clean scratch free microfiber technology to clean and protect your surface; Easy to clean, easy to clean; Use by hand or attach to an extension rod.

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  1: Is your company a manufacturer or a trading company?

  All of them. We are a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of household cleaning products.288 Shangguan Road, Linhai City,

  Zhejiang Province, China. We are a trading company selling cleaning and laundry product.


  2: How can I get one or more samples?

  1> Apply for express account, such as FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS, etc., so that samples can be paid on delivery.


  3: What's your minimum order?

  A: Our products are delivered in full containers. It is acceptable that all kinds of products meet the minimum order quantity.


  4: What about the delivery date?

  After we confirm all the production details with our customers, the normal delivery time is 35 to 45 days.


  5: What are your terms of payment and delivery?

  Payment method: telegraphic transfer. 30% as down payment before manufacture and 70% as balance before delivery.

  Delivery: FOB Ningbo is recommended for all buyers. If the quantity is large, our entity is also close to Shanghai port.

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